Jewellery care


Enaena jewellery is mostly Gold and Silver plating on a base of another metal like brass. We suggest that you keep the jewellery in favourable conditions to maintain the shine and newness. Since the metals used may produce a chemical reaction if not stored well, it is advisable to store the jewellery in clean surroundings. Do you keep your jewellery away from heat, humidity, smoke and water. Also, ensure that your jewellery is not near any chemicals like hairspray, chlorine, or perfumes.

Pearls should not be stored in air-tight boxes since they are porous and need air. Therefore, we suggest you store them in the Enaena box or a soft pouch. Take care that you wear pearl jewellery after you spray perfume and put on your make-up. Do keep the pearls away from any chemical contents like hairspray, bleach, ammonia, cosmetics and perfumes.

Keep leather jewellery away from humid or wet surroundings such as bathrooms, kitchens.

You may store your jewellery in a dry place, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Ensure that your jewellery is not on any surface where they might get scratches or get damaged. Keep each piece separately so that they do not get entangled and get scratches. Please do remove your jewellery while exercising, swimming, sleeping or any such activities.

How to clean your favourite jewellery

Maintaining your jewellery well is a key factor in getting the most out of it.

Gold and Silver plated jewellery may be cleaned with a dry, soft cloth. Do not use any chemicals to clean your jewellery. You may use jewellery polishing cloth to wipe a particular piece or clean it.

You can follow the same procedure for the other pieces of jewellery.

How to handle metal allergies

We, at Enaena, care for your well-being. The materials we use to craft our jewellery are pure.

All our jewellery items are free from nickel and lead content. It means that you are safe from any allergic reactions from these metals.

Allergies may also be due to individual sensitivity. In such cases, it is advisable to get tested and treated by a certified medical practitioner.