About us

Enaena means “one-by-one” in Greek. As the name signifies, each piece is unique in design. Started in 2012 by Katerina Chrysogeni, Enaena handcrafted jewellery is for the discerning woman with an eye for detail and style.

Timeless and modern, the handmade collection includes necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Incorporating Gold, Silver, Rose Gold with stones, crystals and pearls, Enaena brings exclusive handmade jewellery to your doorstep.

It is all about being different, standing apart to make a style statement. Every piece of Enaena jewellery is handcrafted with love by Katerina herself. The jewellery reflects the love and caring that comes from Katerina’s deep desire to make her customers look and feel special.

The collection grows each day with a new idea, a new concept, in our ever-changing world of designer jewellery. Come...step into the fresh new world of Enaena!


by Katerina Chrysogeni

From the historic and picturesque city of Thessaloniki in Greece, Katerina is a versatile and talented designer. Designing and fine arts are an integral part of her being and this is reflected in the jewellery that she designs and crafts.

A born artist, Katerina won a national painting competition at the tender age of 6, and went on to study Fine Arts. After working in graphic design and visual communications, Katerina entered the world of high quality jewellery in 2007, when she headed the exclusive Pilgrim boutique in Greece. 2012 provided a milestone in her career as she introduced her own line of jewellery to the world – Enaena was born!

Having also lived in Sweden for over 13 years, Katerina uses scandinavian design elements in her work too. With an inclination to write, she has a collection of novels and song lyrics to her credit.